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Building Community via MyTAASK

Building Community via MyTAASK

. 1 min read

Welcome to My Technology Assisted ASK, or MyTAASK, where we help you plan projects and activities through curated experiences that have been shared by others but fit your needs and preferences.

We understand all too well that planning takes time and that when life gets busy, finding the time to research and think through all the steps it’ll take to reach your goals can be a challenge, and in some cases even an obstacle to your success. However, by joining our lifestyle planning community, you have taken the first step in leveraging the experiences of others to help you get your planning done quickly and, in some cases, with minimal first-hand experience to draw from.

Check out the vision:

We believe that everyone is an expert in their own experience and that we can utilize this expertise to help one another live our best possible lives.  We can also make planning more social and productive by encouraging one another to share our experiences, our inspirations, and of course any lessons learned.

Here's how to get started:

Become a MyTAASK member by selecting a subscription today.

Users can also access the curated experiences of others to help with their own planning.  These curated plans outline the steps the user, or contributor, took to achieve a particular experience, including suggestions for locations, businesses, products, etc. that the plan creator used and really liked.

MyTAASK contributors have the ability to share their own plans, or “MyTAASKs”, with people in their network and the user community.

Our MyTAASK community is here to help you plan on demand by providing you with access to a library of plans and experiences that have been shared by other users, or contributors.

Ultimately, the MyTAASK platform is meant to help people live more productive and efficient lives when planning personal, professional, and community endeavors.

Help us grow this community by sharing this with your network of busy friends to join in the fun.